Delvon Roe to star in college basketball film

One day after Delvon Roe called it a career at Michigan State due to knee pain, it became apparent that the 6-foot-8 former forward might very well be able to find success in another field -- acting.

Roe has been cast alongside actor Beau Mirchoff for roles in "Gametime," an upcoming feature film that depicts two high school teammates who become college basketball stars, according to the Michigan Film Office.

From IMDB:

"Gametime" explores the dark side of major college basketball; a world of big money, ego and hypocrisy, revealed through the innocent eyes of the two top recruits in the country, best friends Malik and John. We follow them through a recruiting process full of sex, booze, and money, onto their respective college teams lead by narcissistic coaches, meet their passionate, troubled, and hilarious teammates, and watch them fight their way to the pinnacle of the college game... the Final Four, a multi-billion dollar feeding frenzy for the agents, the media, the NCAA... everyone associated with the game except the players. On the eve of the final game, Malik and John hatch a plan to even the score.

For Roe, the role fits him perfectly. Not only does he have the life experience of being a basketball star and played in two teams that reached the Final Four, but he also has acting experience from his role in another upcoming movie, "AWOL," that filmed this summer in Ann Arbor.

"Gametime" is also expected to feature cameos from former college and professional players and coaches from Michigan universities, according to the release. So might Tom Izzo get to play a part alongside his former player?

In any case, it is ironic Roe would get this role. He was a top recruit coming out of high school who was hampered by injuries, yet earned praise for taking advantage of the entire student-athlete experience and using his scholarship to expand his horizons and get into acting. Now he'll work to depict the seedy side of college basketball.

Given his injury history, Roe might cringe when he hears this but ... break a leg.