Brad Stevens reveals pyramid to success

Brad Stevens has established himself as one of the nation's top young coaches, and having back-to-back national title-game appearances on his list of achievements is proof of that. The success has made him desirable on the speaking circuit, with people wanting to get to know what has been come to be known as "The Butler Way."

According to The Palladium-Item, Stevens, while at a local United Way chapter last week, spoke of success and the building-block characteristics that make up a pyramid -- which isn't unlike the model used by John Wooden in his famed "Pyramid of Success."

Character provides the anchor for the pyramid, Stevens said, as a base to assess core values, such as passion, serving others, remaining humble and being accountable to one another.

Next comes preparation.

"You have to prepare well to ultimately get where you want to go," Stevens said.

After the preparation comes performance.

"Do your job one play at a time," Stevens said.

Results forms the smallest portion at the pyramid's top, said Stevens, who noted Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Walsh's book "The Score Takes Care of Itself."

"If you take care of the character side, prepare the right way and perform together, results take care of themselves," Stevens said.

The talk of pyramids and success is striking, because however unfair they might be, Stevens has often been compared to Wooden. Months before his death and during Stevens' 2010 run to the Final Four, Wooden in an interview with Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel said he took notice of the Butler coach's calm demeanor and liked the Bulldogs' old-school style on the court as well.

"I enjoy watching [him] and very much enjoy their style of play," Wooden said. "It looks much different than most other teams today."

Stevens, obviously like most coaches, can only dream of coming close to Wooden's championship success, but just as Wooden didn't discuss winning with his players, the Butler coach also believes that results are a product of solid values. That's what the Bulldogs' underdog success has been built upon, and now it's being laid out for all to see in the form of a pyramid.