Majerus still ranting on A-10

Rick Majerus has made it clear he's not very happy with St. Louis' decision to join the Atlantic 10. He thinks the travel requirements -- SLU has to fly to the east coast for most of its away games -- are costing his players valuable academic time. It might also have something to do with Majerus not liking to travel, or at least disliking the idea of traveling commercial.

Still, though, the man has a point, and he's not backing down. Quite the contrary. Majerus is going for broke:

"The answer is, first, get the hell out of the league," a calm but clearly annoyed Majerus said afterward. "Most successful people in life make mistakes and say, 'You know what, I made a mistake and I'm not going to let that happen again.' So, the school is afraid to say they made a mistake, that's all."

Majerus' contention isn't with the A-10, which he called a "good league, with great venues and really great players," rather with SLU's place in it. His beef is that the Billikens (15-8, 6-3 A-10), in their fifth season in the A-10, are missing too much class time. And, with the second major snowstorm in four days hitting Philadelphia on Tuesday night, SLU's long trip probably will continue. St. Louis didn't expect to depart this morning for home as scheduled and might not leave until Friday.

"I would rather have lost both games," said Majerus, who earlier this season said the Missouri Valley Conference would be a better fit for SLU. "Nothing means more to me than the academic success of our players. We have compromised our players' academic success and we have put them behind a big 8-ball. Even if it was the best of weather, we're missing an entire week of school."

So, yeah, in case you were wondering, Majerus isn't budging. He'd like to be out of the A-10 and in the Missouri Valley, and he's not afraid to tell the SLU powers that be. Again. And again. And again. Whether they're listening -- and whether they'll actually consider the move a viable option -- is another matter entirely.