Trent Johnson will pelt you with a dodgeball

Crop this image of LSU coach Trent Johnson in The Daily Reveille from the waist up, and it appears he might be trying to get the attention of one of his players or a referee during an intense game. But while gripping a dodgeball with his right hand, the overall picture becomes hilarious.

Johnson was an active participant in Tuesday's Maravich Maniacs dodgeball tournament as he was last year. A highlight reel of the event shows another side to Johnson as he jokingly declined a pregame handshake before mercilessly pelting students with dodgeballs and getting hit with them as well. It seemed to be a good workout and tons of fun for Johnson as well as his players and staff.

"Obviously at my age, you don't have very many opportunities to come out meeting with the students and meeting with the ever-loving fun media when they're not asking you however many questions," Johnson said. "I thought it was a great, great time. A great experience because we won!

"In all seriousness, it's great fun with the students to get out here and interact with the players. Obviously, we've had a lot of fun. I think it's good for them to see us as players and coaches in a different light."

Johnson also spent this offseason challenging his sports information director, Kent Lowe, to a bowling contest when the coach hadn't bowled before in his life. It showed he was willing to laugh at himself. At the dodgeball tournament, Johnson and his staff even took on a team of media members and won.

Now at the Maravich Center, Johnson just has to come away with some more victories this season.