Stanford remakes McDonald's commercial

With a nod to the iconic McDonald's commercial featuring Larry Bird and Michael Jordan that has since been remade by Dwight Howard and LeBron James, Stanford big men Dwight Powell and Josh Owens put their acting skills to work to promote the Cardinal's upcoming scrimmage.

Matching each other dunk for dunk, the two played for a burrito much like the NBA stars played for a Big Mac and fries. Some of the dunks showed off their athleticism. Others were physically impossible like the shots Bird and Jordan claimed to make in the commercial.

Hilariously, Mark Madsen, who led Stanford to a Final Four appearance, makes a cameo at the end in playing the role of Bird as he takes a big bite of the burrito and says, "Thanks for lunch!"

Madsen has grown closer to the program since returning to campus to pursue his MBA and was invited along as a guest on the team's preseason tour of Spain, where he did everything from rebound on shooting drills to helping load the team bus. He's also developed a relationship with his fellow Stanford students and has been impressed with the team.

"Based on what I saw in the games, and it was only six games, this was a group that came together and really learned how to play with each other," Madsen told the team's website. "The word chemistry is a common word in sports and we all hear it. I really think a lot of chemistry was developed on this trip, not only on the court but also off the court."

That's good news for Stanford on the court as it attempts to rise up in the Pac-12. A number of players were involved in the making of the commercial, so it's also a positive sign for Stanford to see the team coming together and having fun.