BGSU's 'Stroh Center Rap' a must-see

You have a new arena. You want to introduce fans to said arena. How do you go about doing it?

You could issue a news release. You could film a guided tour. Or, you could do what Bowling Green did -- and create the single greatest arena-themed rap video in the history of the genre.

That's not damning with faint praise, either. See for yourself:

The man on the mic is Mikey "Rosco" Blair, accompanied by senior gospel singer Rachel Willingham, and you can read more about their contributions in this piece from The BG News. But I think we can all agree the true stars of the show are as follows:

1. Whoever came through with those production values, because they are incredibly high.

2. Kermit Stroh, Larry Miles, Bill Frack and Allen Schmidthorst, or as you now know them, the generous donors who also agreed to wear BGSU jerseys and make ominous faces at the camera in the glorious pursuit of hilarity and school spirit. Those guys are great.

3. The urinals. Everyone loves new urinals.

In any case, for this video, Bowling Green -- if I may borrow a phrase from Pete Carroll -- wins forever. It is brilliant in every way, and it just made my Friday at least 30 percent better. Your results might (not) vary.

"His name is Larry Miles, gave cash in piles, sporting Charles Taylors, rocking argyles." Good to the last drop, kids.