Boatright investigation still uncertain

On Wednesday, UConn announced that freshman Ryan Boatright's eligibility was under review for reasons "not related to academics." On Friday, Andy Katz passed along a quick tidbit on the ongoing investigation, noting that the "angst isn't as palpable" at UConn as you might expect from a team that suddenly faces the prospect of losing a potentially crucial backcourt contributor. Then there was this:

The NCAA is looking into whether Boatright received an extra benefit related to his AAU team. One source said one of the issues being looked at by UConn and the NCAA was who purchased a plane ticket for Boatright during his AAU career.

If that's the cause, it is then fair to wonder whether Reggie Rose, overseer of Chicago AAU outfit Derrick Rose All-Stars (Derrick is Reggie's little brother, and you probably know that already) -- Boatright's AAU team for much of his high school career -- was somehow involved. On Friday, the Dansbury (Conn.) News-Times reported the investigation revolved around Rose's purchase of a plane ticket for Boatright, and that the investigation, once finished, could cause Boatright to be suspended between three and six games.

ESPN Chicago's Scott Powers attempted to reach Rose for comment on the matter this weekend. Rose declined "out of respect for the Boatright family," but one source did tell Powers that Rose hasn't been contacted by either the NCAA or Connecticut's compliance department:

"It's a witch hunt," the source close to Rose said. "Connecticut and the NCAA haven't even contacted (Rose). Once his named popped up, they connected it. Someone's trying to make something out of it more than anything."

That leaves us with ... well, very little, unfortunately. UConn fans are no doubt much less interested in the vagaries of the actual investigation than they are its outcome; any extended absence from Boatright could stretch Connecticut's backcourt, forcing Shabazz Napier to play long minutes or forcing coach Jim Calhoun to hope one of his walk-ons can fill in. But whatever the investigation is about, it doesn't seem likely to keep Boatright out for anything more than a couple of weeks.

It's worth waiting for the official ruling, but for now, Huskies fans can probably breathe easy.