Students already camped for Carrier Dome seats

Everyone knows tomorrow's Syracuse-Villanova game is big -- the Syracuse athletics department is expecting its biggest crowd ever, and tickets are reaching Final Four-level resale ridiculousness. Makes sense, right? Tomorrow's featured Gameday match up will pit two potential No. 1 seeds, two programs who have placed themselves among college basketball's elite, two coaches vying for a Big East title, and two programs who could very well meet in the Final Four. It's going to be rowdy. This is not unexpected.

It was only a matter of time, then, before Syracuse students got a head start on their seating arrangements for the game. They started doing so Wednesday night; hundreds Orange undergrads packed the Carrier Dome's upper-east-end hallway 72 hours before tip-off. There's video of the campers on YouTube (hat tip: Twitter user W4LT). There's also this report from Syracuse.com. The lesson? These kids aren't exactly roughing it:

After their first night of sleeping in the Carrier Dome, Dave Cunningham and his team of SU students are living the good life. With an Xbox 360, orange flat-screen television and air mattresses, the Dome is beginning to feel like home. Students can form teams of up to four to wait in line; at least one member of the team must remain in the Dome for the team to keep their spot.

Students have made the hallways of the dome pretty comfortable, bringing in sleeping bags, air mattresses, chairs, laptops, fans and more. Many also brought along homework.

Except for the homework part, that actually sounds sort of fun. The best part? Syracuse is letting the kids camp out indoors. Tents have a certain rugged dedication quality to them, but no one wants to sleep outside in the tail end of the snowy upstate winter. (Though, to be fair, it's positively balmy in Syracuse today. Get outside, you wimps!)

In any case, add "student campout" to the list of things that are going to make tomorrow night's game a major affair. Top 10 battle? Check. Conference title on the line? Check. Record crowd? Check. Gameday? Check. The whole day is filled with awesome college hoops, but none will be more awesome than this.