UNC notes: TO count, recalling a rivalry

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- After North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall’s 22-point, 13-assist, zero-turnover outing at NC State on Tuesday night, coach Roy Williams said he probably would have given Marshall two turnovers during the game.

After looking at the film, Williams found a third.

"I would have given him three," Williams said during his Friday news conference. "The third one was a bounce pass to Z [Tyler Zeller] that Richard Howell’s hand touched the ball before Z did. It was earlier on in the second half.”

Not that he’s taking anything away from Marshall, who is 10 throws away from passing Ed Cota to set a school record for assists in a season.

In UNC’s system of assist/turnover grading, which credits a player if he makes a good pass but his teammate misses a layup or gets fouled and debits a player for a sloppy pass or deflection out of bounds, Marshall finished with 25½ assists and 5½ turnovers, Williams said.

"He did so many good things," Williams said. “Defensively, he has played better, there’s no question. But … you have a point guard who is pass first, run the offense, get guys the ball in the right spot so they can do something with it; that’s his thought process. And oh yeah, [he] shot eight times and made seven. And then you add to it he shot five 3s and made four; that’s an unbelievable advantage. That’s an unbelievable plus.

"Even 13-3 is not bad, because the youngster handles the ball 75 percent of the time. … That’s pretty impressive.”

REMEMBERING A RIVALRY: Missouri is moving to the SEC next season, so Saturday’s Tigers-Jayhawks game will mark the end of a series that began in 1907.

Asked about it Friday, Williams, the Jayhawks’ former coach, said he was sorry to see it end.

“It’s just a wonderful rivalry, passionate -- more passionate than you can imagine, because it goes back past football and basketball; it goes back to the border wars and Quantrill’s Raiders coming in and burning down Lawrence. So it’s not just somebody shot a jump shot and blocked it.

“The state line running right down the middle of Kansas City, you live on the Missouri side or the Kansas side. Norm Stewart refusing to ever spend any money in the state of Kansas so they would either drive over on game day or stay in Kansas City, but stay on the Missouri side. There’s some hard, hard feelings there. It’s not just who is going to win this game. The difference is, that it’s over every specter too. It’s over basketball, football, baseball. They really do have it.

“The passion of the rivalry is really off the charts, and we had some great games. When I first got there, they beat us the first four times, and we got them the next six. And I figured out I liked that a heck of a lot better. But it’s truly one of the great rivalries in college athletics. And from a distance, now, 1150 miles or whatever, I would hate to see that end, because it is one of the great rivalries.”

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