Anthony Davis is basically unfair

The height, the reach, the leaping ability, the touch -- there is no physical attribute Kentucky's Anthony Davis does not possess, no leap he can't make, no rebound that can't be plausibly seen in his hands as a soon-to-be-dunk.

Case in point: This play from Thursday night's 79-49 win over Georgia:

I mean, come on. When Terrence Jones fires that shot, Davis is standing at the 3-point line. He quickly realizes "hey, I should be by the rim, just in case." But his timing and the ball's bounce is such that he really isn't running in to establish position; he's merely trying to get somewhere near the thing if it caroms off the iron. And then somewhere between the free throw line and the takeoff he says "oh, I can get this," contorts his body in unfathomable directions, and dunks the basketball from almost behind his body. Sick.

And then he jogs back down the court, expressionless, as if what he just did was a fast-break layup, while fans cheer and the rest of us pick our jaws up off the floor.

Oh, and one other thing, quickly: Are we calling Davis "Spiderman" now? Because I know his coach, John Calipari, called him as much word-association feature with ESPN's own Jimmy Dykes before the broadcast Thursday -- but I had never heard that nickname before. Kentucky fans, you care to weigh in? Is this a thing? Because I'm OK with it. Spiderman is not only my second-favorite super hero (behind Batman, duh), but the nickname a) fits Davis perfectly and b) is awesome.