Georgetown mascot tears 'dog ACL'

The past two years, we've grown accustomed to fawning over at least one adorable bulldog mascot in the NCAA tournament. That bulldog mascot has often been Butler Blue II, who reveled in non-stop attention as his favorite team made unlikely runs to the pinnacle of the sport in 2010 and 2011. (Important note: Butler Blue III is now in the building, and, like all bulldog puppies, is almost jaw-droppingly cute.)

Butler's struggles this season have prevented them from returning to the NCAA tournament, so neither Blue II nor Blue III get to make another appearance. Which means we'll have to look elsewhere for a cute tournament bulldog mascot, and hey, what about Georgetown? They're bulldogs. They have a mascot. Let's all take sideline photos of him!

Bad news, everyone: Jack, the Georgetown bulldog, is out for the tournament with a torn ACL. From the DC Sports Bog:

Yup, the keeper of the mascot, Father Christopher Steck, sent out a series of Tweets on Monday about Jack’s status.

“Dang... Jack has torn his dog ‘ACL’!” he wrote. “Surgery probably; 2 mo. recovery. Happened Sunday; likely from jumping on couch. He’s limping badly.”

The old couch jump. It'll get you every time.

Jack is waiting to see if he'll need surgery, but in the meantime, he wasn't likely to travel with the Hoyas to their first-round game in Columbus as it's too far away from D.C. He'll have to watch the festivities from the couch. Or, actually, the floor. That couch has done enough damage already.

Whether this is a bad omen for Georgetown remains to be seen. The good news for Hoyas fans? At least it's only the mascot -- as opposed to, say, the team's starting center. There are worse fates on the eve of the tournament, that's for sure.