Damontre Harris down to Florida, Kansas

South Carolina forward Damontre Harris, one of the transfer prizes of the spring and a member of the All-SEC defensive team for his shot-blocking prowess last season, has narrowed his options down to two.

According to Harris’ high school coach, Heath Vandevender, Florida and Kansas are the finalists.

“He’s not going to visit Marquette,” Vandevender said. “He’s between Florida and Kansas and there’s a lot of similarities between both. Kansas plays through their bigs. He might shoot more face-ups with Florida. Face-up jump shots are a part of his game. Both have had bigs that have done very well and gone to the NBA and both guys are hall of fame coaches. He would be really good at either place.”

The 6-foot-10 Harris is a young man who’s come a long way since first coming onto the scene during his junior season in high school. In a high school game against Duke’s Ryan Kelly, then a senior, Harris had problems scoring but he didn’t let Kelly get close to the rim.

“He’s always had some intangibles with his length and his athleticism,” Vandevender said. “[Former South Carolina head coach Darrin Horn] and [former assistant coach] Neill Berry worked on the confidence part in his offensive game and that’s starting to come out now.”