3-point shot: Spartans' Dawson healing well

1.Michigan State coach Tom Izzo said forward Branden Dawson is making significant progress after an operation to repair a torn ACL in his left knee. Dawson, who will be critical to the Spartans’ chances of replacing Draymond Green in the lineup, is ahead of schedule, according to Izzo. “He doesn’t look like had an operation,’’ said Izzo of the four months since the knee surgery. “The swelling is down. He’ll start working out with us in August. We’re taking our time with him so he’s ready to go.’’

2.Izzo spent some idle time he had Monday making calls to NBA teams as he continues to push for Green. Green is likely to go in the first round but where is still anybody’s guess. Teams like Indiana really like him at No. 26 but he’s also a candidate for Atlanta at No. 23 if not higher. “He’s going in the first round and will play in the league a long time,’’ said Izzo. “He can contribute in so many ways. He’ll be like [Udonis] Haslam and [Shane] Battier. He can rebound, he can shoot and he has the smarts. You’ll say who can he match up with but he knows how to play. He’s got great character.’’

3. The deadline for Boise State to officially withdraw from the Mountain West is fast approaching on Saturday. There’s no reason why the Broncos shouldn’t just make every effort to get the rest of its programs in the Big West, notably men’s basketball, if it intends on playing football in the Big East. The WAC is no longer a viable option for sustained growth. Boise State’s best chance to be relevant is stick with programs that have a chance going forward like top 25 San Diego State and likely perennial Big West title contender Long Beach State. This drama has gone on long enough. It’s time for Boise State to make a decision and move.