Cody Zeller not stressing IU-UK rivalry

Cody Zeller seems like a pretty level-headed guy. He could have been a lottery pick this season, but he was having fun being in college -- how awesome would college be if you're Cody Zeller? -- so he decided to stay. It wouldn't be a total shock if he stayed at IU for all four years of his career. Also, he's quite funny on Twitter. Other than being really tall and really good at basketball, Zeller seems like a pretty normal dude.

So perhaps it is no surprise that he, unlike many Indiana and Kentucky fans, is not all that worked up about the altogether dumb discarding of the decades-long Indiana-Kentucky rivalry in 2013. He rather nonchalantly told WDRB's Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford as much this weekend:

"I don't care too much," Zeller said. "We're still going to have a strong schedule. It was a fun game (during the regular season) last year, but I don't think it's too big of a deal that we're not playing them this year."

See? Thoroughly level-headed stuff.

Of course, I disagree. I am a greedy, selfish college basketball fan, and I've sat through a lot of lopsided and boring IU-UK games in the past, and I fully admit that I feel entitled to seeing this matchup play out as a top-five marquee event. It feels like a cruel fate that this is happening now, just as the series had a chance to feature two elite teams again.

But it's clear the best player on one of the two teams, who as an Indiana native is no stranger to the rivalry, doesn't seem to mind that much. There will be other games, and Zeller will play in them, and that's that. I sort of wish Zeller would stoke some outrage, but come on -- you know that's not his style.