Legends Classic 'bracket' announced

The "bracket" portion of that headline is in scare quotes because it's hard to call an early-season event like the Legends Classic a "tournament." It isn't, not really. No matter what happens in the Legends Classic's opening games, Indiana, UCLA, Georgetown and Georgia will progress to the Championship Round.

Why? Because people want to watch Indiana, UCLA, Georgetown and Georgia on television, and broadcast networks (in this case ESPN) want to make sure its early-season events are going to draw viewers and ratings. North Dakota State and UC Irvine and James Madison and Duquesne and Liberty and Southern Mississippi might pull off shocking upsets in the "Regional Round," but they won't be playing in the Barclays Center Nov. 19 and 20, no matter what.

Which is why the Legends Classic "bracket" isn't a bracket at all. Really, it's just a list of fixtures. Woe be to the underdogs in made-for-TV tournaments. Cinderellas have no home in November, unfortunate though it may be. They'll just have to wait for March.

Semantics aside, the Gazelle Group did release the Legends Classic bracket Monday afternoon, and per the usual each of the four big-time names will host two-game regional events in their respective arenas a week before moving on to the Barclays Center. Indiana will host North Dakota State and Sam Houston State; Georgetown will play Duquesne and Liberty; UCLA hosts UC Irvine and James Madison and Georgia will host Youngstown State and Southern Mississippi. Two of those regional round games -- Georgetown-Duquesne and Youngstown-Georgia -- will be televised on ESPNU on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, respectively.

You can find the full schedule of games, including finalized times and broadcast information for the championship rounds, at this PDF link.