3-point shot: Transparency at Marquette

1. Marquette is being quite transparent lately. The Golden Eagles didn't hesitate to suspend coach Buzz Williams for a Big East game for a violation committed by assistant Scott Monarch, who was subsequently fired. The latest from the Golden Eagles is this: Todd Mayo has rendered himself academically ineligible indefinitely. When asked what that means, a Marquette official said just what it says. Mayo did this to himself. Marquette isn’t afraid now to call out who is at fault. There are no excuses at Marquette.

2. Louisville coach Rick Pitino was right. And Josh Pastner is proving it with each commitment at Memphis. The Big East had to invite Memphis once Syracuse and Pitt were gone. The Tigers are now putting together a top two recruiting class, behind Kentucky and former Memphis coach John Calipari. The Tigers added Austin Nichols to a crew that includes Kuran Iverson, Nick King, Rashawn Powell and Markel Crawford. Memphis will immediately become a player in the new Big East. The Tigers’ loading up in recruiting for 2013 should be applauded by the league office in Providence. The Big East needs Memphis to come in and compete for a top spot in the Big East, just like Syracuse and Pitt are likely going to do for the ACC.

3. Rutgers coach Mike Rice is still without power in New Jersey, like countless other residents due to Hurricane Sandy. Rice has stayed home, using candles for light. He just got a generator and is committed to being a part of the recovery effort in the area.