3-point shot: Rescheduling Florida-G'town?

1. Florida coach Billy Donovan would like to play the second half of the Nov. 9 game against Georgetown that had to be canceled due to unfriendly conditions on a warship off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla. Florida officials said late Tuesday that the Gators would like to see the game scheduled -- inside -- at downtown Jacksonville's Veterans Memorial Arena on Jan. 2 or 3, before the Gators play at Yale on Jan. 6. The Gators host Air Force on Dec. 29. But Georgetown coach John Thompson III said that there are still a lot of logistics to work out. Thompson said he would like to see if the game could be moved to a U.S. Navy facility in Norfolk, Va. He also said he would have to look at the timing of the game, since the Hoyas open the Big East season at Marquette on Jan. 5. The Hoyas have a long break prior to that game after hosting American on Dec. 22; school officials would be more inclined to schedule the game closer to New Year's Eve to allow more time to prepare for the Big East opener. Thompson also wondered if the game could be played over entirely or would have to be resumed at the half. Florida led 27-23 when the game was called due to condensation on the deck of the USS Bataan.

2. The bloating of conferences to 14 teams and possibly more will cause the NCAA to change rules on nonconference tournaments. There is no way that the current rules preventing tournaments from including more than one team from a conference can continue if such tourneys are to bring in high-quality fields. Having just one team from a conference, especially if there are 14 to 16 teams, would mean even fewer teams having an opportunity to play in the marquee tournaments like Maui, Orlando, Anaheim, Puerto Rico, the NIT, Legends, 2K or Atlantis. The easy solution is to put teams from the same conference on opposite sides of the bracket. The chances that these teams would play each other twice in a season might be less of an issue, considering the likely scheduling imbalances going forward. Teams are only allowed to be in the same tournament once every four years, which would make it harder to get into them if, for example, only one team could come from the ACC, Big Ten or SEC.

3. I'm not sure there has been a team quite like Butler in the past 10-plus years. The Bulldogs can look awfully pedestrian at some times and yet flip to being as impressive a squad as there is at others. This Bulldogs edition fooled us again with a poor performance in a blowout loss at Xavier on Nov. 13, only to beat Marquette at the buzzer and then humble North Carolina in Maui. Butler isn't going anywhere any time soon and will continue to be a major player in the college basketball scene.