3-point shot: Butler, Big East not talking yet

1. Butler coach Brad Stevens said Thursday night he has heard nothing (as in nada, zilch) about the Bulldogs moving to the new Big East for next season. Of course, that's because multiple sources within the seven schools departing to the new Big East say they were focused solely on exiting the old Big East before looking at expansion and new members. So, it's not surprising that Butler is in the dark -- for now. Stevens said he has to operate as if the Bulldogs are in the A-10 in 2013-14. He said the team is scheduling as if it's in the A-10 because that's all he has been told. If Stevens is told the Bulldogs are on the move to the new Big East then he will adjust. Butler and Xavier are the most coveted of the possible expansion teams. And the Bulldogs are likely to bolt as soon as the offer is official. Just think about this: In two seasons, Butler would go from getting Youngstown State at home to Georgetown. There is no decision once the offer is extended.

2. The NCAA tournament selection committee may have a tough choice with Akron if the Zips don't win the MAC tournament now that point guard Alex Abreu is suspended due to possession and marijuana trafficking. If Abreu is done, then the Zips aren't the same team that dominated the MAC. The committee can evaluate Akron with a home game against Kent State on Friday night and then in the MAC tournament. Losing Abreu shouldn't be the reason Akron is kept out of the tournament if it doesn't win the conference tournament. If it were a major injury -- as in the case of Kentucky's Nerlens Noel -- then the committee has to evaluate the team as it is constituted going into the NCAA tournament. The hope is that the committee gets a chance to see the team prior to Selection Sunday. The pressure is on Akron now to prove it is still worthy.

3. The turnaround at Colorado under Tad Boyle has been quite remarkable. Colorado basketball had been overshadowed in the region for years by the WAC/MWC schools. But the timing of its revival at the same time as it joined the Pac-12 has been perfect. The atmosphere in Boulder is becoming something special. Colorado went through some second-year bumps early after last season's Pac-12 tournament title run. But the enthusiasm showed and the overall effort at home lately -- with wins over Arizona and Thursday over Oregon, sans Andre Roberson -- proves this is a program now, not just a few good teams in back-to-back seasons. Expect Colorado under Boyle to be in the Pac-12 mix for the foreseeable future.