Tourney Challenge: 47 got Final Four

Just 47 of the 8.15 million brackets in Tournament Challenge got the entire Final Four correct, thanks in large part to Wichita State. For just Sunday's games, 6.3 percent of brackets correctly picked both Louisville and Michigan to reach the Final Four (52.6 percent for the Cardinals, 13.3 percent for the Wolverines).

Breakdown of brackets by number of teams in the Final Four:

4/4: 47 total

3/4: 0.46 percent (37,425 brackets)

2/4: 9.7 percent

1/4: 53.4 percent

0/4: 36.4 percent

Louisville was the most popular pick to win it all heading into the tournament, and they are even bigger favorites in the Final Four. Here are the percentages of brackets picking the remaining teams to reach the title game and win it all:

Louisville: 39.7/21.9

Michigan: 4.9/2.7

Syracuse: 3.5/1.5

Wichita State: 0.08 (6,540)/0.03 (2,776)

Percentage/number of brackets predicting these potential matchups in the national championship game:

Michigan/Louisville 1.4 percent

Syracuse/Louisville: 1.2 percent

Michigan/Wichita State: 272 brackets

Syracuse/Wichita State: 224 brackets

President Obama's bracket

The president got one team of his Final Four correct with Louisville winning. He lost his other three teams -- Florida, Ohio State, Indiana (his national championship pick) -- over the past few days. He currently sits in the 91.3 percentile, and can get a few more points if Louisville reaches the national championship game.

Notable brackets (number of Final Four teams correct, national champion, percentile)

President Obama: 1, Indiana, 91.3

Dick Vitale: 2, Louisville, 89.5

Joe Lunardi: 1,Louisville, 87.3

Mike Greenberg: 1, Louisville, 63.2

Mike Golic: 1, Louisville, 87.3

Michael Wilbon: 1, Georgetown, 13.0

Tony Kornheiser: 1, Indiana, 59.1

Colin Cowherd: 0, Miami, 7.3

Scott Van Pelt: 0, Ohio State, 15.0

Ryen Russillo: 0, Miami, 15.0

All-Chalk bracket: 1, Louisville, 76.0