Brennan: With a Ware prayer, Cards prevail

ATLANTA -- Kevin Ware couldn't help but be angry, even as he prayed to God.

There he was, leaning over the edge of the raised floor with his broken leg elevated on a chair, and he couldn't do anything -- couldn't line up in Louisville's press, couldn't attack the rim on offense, couldn't let Luke Hancock space the floor in the corner, couldn't keep a walk-on, Tim Henderson, from having to play the biggest minutes of his life down double digits in the second half in the national semifinals.

Louisville couldn't get into the lane, couldn't force turnovers, couldn't land a clean punch. There were 13 minutes left. The Cardinals were down 12.

The unflappable Shockers were going to pull off this upset, and none of the post-injury whirlwind insanity of the past week -- sudden national celebrity, a "Late Show" appearance, a shoutout at the Ludacris concert Saturday afternoon -- mattered anymore.

His brothers were going to lose, and there was nothing he could do.

"I was mad," Ware said.

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