Stephen Curry challenges Nik Stauskas

Nik Stauskas isn't just a hyperaccurate Michigan shooting guard coming off an impressive freshman season. He's also a budding YouTube showman. Last December, the Ontario native posted a Happy Holidays video of him getting buckets in his backyard, which were almost as impressive as Stauskas' backyard basketball setup. (I want it. I want to go back in time and build it for the child self. It would be like the plot of "Looper," except all we'd do is listen to music and shoot hoops. This is my dream.)

In any case, Stauskas was back at it again this week, celebrating his return to Ontario with another backyard 3-point video. This one's pretty nice, too, a cut-free roll of Stauskas making 70 of 76 3s in the rain:

But cool as it is -- and no offense here, Nik, but I'm afraid your setup is still the star of the show -- Stauskas's video made its way all the way to the Twitter feed of none other than former Davidson and current NBA star Stephen Curry. Curry took time out from the Warriors' thoroughly entertaining series against the Denver Nuggets (and joking about his rolled ankle with Twitter followers) to link the video and offer an ultimate sign of shooter's respect:

Needless to say, this made Stauskas's day:

I'd still give the early "best Michigan tweet or Twitter interaction of the year" thus far to Spike Albrecht's Kate Upton heat check. But now we have a challenger in the field.