3-point shot: Free agency the new norm

1. The NBA’s one-and-done rule gets plenty of attention in the spring as players decide to leave college after one season. But the post-grad rule is turning every spring into free agency. UNLV’s Mike Moser is the latest to create a buzz. Moser is going on his third set of recruiting visits in his career. He was at UCLA and then transferred to UNLV. He's now a free agent after earning his degree. He’s looking for a one-year deal to finish his college career at his third school. He was at Gonzaga this weekend and into Monday. He was already being pursued by Washington and Oregon. A healthy Moser is an instant hit for three teams in the Northwest that are in need of a veteran rebounder. All that’s missing is for Moser to get paid in this deal since he’s a one-year rent-a-player. Nothing illicit here for any of the programs in pursuit. This is the new norm.

2. San Diego State built a schedule to go with a possible Big West conference slate. But then the Aztecs were able to stay in the NCAA tournament-bid rich Mountain West. This means coach Steve Fisher felt he had to dial back his schedule a bit. Fisher has asked Cincinnati coach Mick Cronin to put off a road game in Cincinnati for a year. The problem is the Bearcats have to agree and will only do so if Cincinnati can find an appropriate alternative at home. UC can’t just give up a quality home game without finding a replacement. The Aztecs are already playing home games against Arizona and Washington. They go to Kansas and they have the rivalry game with San Diego. They are also in the Anaheim Classic with Big East favorites Marquette and Creighton as well as possible Pac-12 sleeper team in Arizona State. The MWC will have 18 conference games with the additions of Utah State and San Jose State.

3. St. John’s coach Steve Lavin is confident about the momentum in the offseason. Lavin listed these facts: Orlando Sanchez got a year of eligibility for next season, they won a close game in the NIT, point guard Rysheed Jordan signed, Jakarr Sampson decided to stay instead of leaving for the NBA, a total of 14 players will return when redshirts and walk-ons are included, and the anticipation that the Red Storm will make a major step forward in the new Big East. The safe picks to push for bids are Marquette, Creighton, Georgetown, Villanova, Butler and Xavier. But St. John’s may be a better pick than Providence if there is going to be a team pushing the above six for a spot in 2014.