Wazzu cheerleader hits backflip trick

Would basketball be better if it featured more backflips? I'm not so sure. I mean, on the one hand, backflips are awesome. Backflip dunks! Why not? On the other hand, the line separating civilized sport from the dystopian anarchy of old MTV Rock 'N' Jock games -- there's Tom Arnold with the zany 25-point shot, look out everyone! -- is a narrow one. We must remain vigilant at all times.

I think it's safe to allow an exception here: On Tuesday, Washington State's official Instagram account posted a video of a cheerleader making a three-quarter-court trick shot -- with a twist.

The shot would have been good enough had it been a conventional heave. But this cheerleader faced away from the basket, launched the ball backwards over his head and, as his ball was soaring toward its inevitable viral fame, completed the motion with a textbook backflip. This is not a recommended strategy for long shots. As we discussed on Monday, proper form is paramount if you want the chance to win free tuition (or a car, or free pizza, whatever your school offers for halftime half-court shot promotions). But it's definitely one way to get things done.

(In related news, it's still August. This offseason may never end.)