San Jose State's new court has stuff on it

Lots and lots of stuff. ESPN sports business reporter Darren Rovell has the image:

As you can see, the court includes not only San Jose State's traditional center-court Spartan helmet logo, but a row of what appears to be hand-drawn Spartans of unknown origin. There are five of them, each holding shields. San Jose State University's acronym, SJSU, is emblazoned across the shields, with the middle Spartan's shield showcasing the Spartan logo that is also at the center of midcourt. Former hip-hop artist and MTV host Xzibit has done a lot of great work for a lot of people, but this has to be the first time he's tried his hand at a basketball court. Yo, dawg, we heard you like Spartans ...

There is also the matter of the shaded-in 3-point circles, about which the less said, the better. The end effect is that there is less obvious basketball hardwood on San Jose State's court than almost any court in the country. The upside is that I'm writing about it right now. That's always the point of garish court refreshes, to get a quick boost of virality from those of us that watch a lot of basketball, and thus care about what we're looking at when we tune in. The downside is I'm only writing about SJSU's new court to call it ugly.

It's not really the Spartans' fault. There has been a drastic uptick in over-the-top court designs this summer as Oregon's influence -- and the desire of some schools to find a (relatively) inexpensive way to increase brand recognition -- has spread through the sport like wildfire. SJSU's design might be the busiest of them all, but I'm not sure it's the ugliest. At least they didn't use silhouette.