Gordon Hayward stuck going to math class

Butler star Gordon Hayward, the Horizon League's player of the year, looks like he'll be going to a bunch of math classes on the eve of the team's Final Four game against Michigan State.

Such is life for Butler's players when the big stage happens to sit so close to campus, as the Indianapolis Star's Bob Kravitz reports:

I have no way of confirming this as fact, but I've got to believe Butler is the first team in the storied history of the Final Four whose players will be required to go to class the day before the national semifinal game.

"I've got a heavy load on Friday. Some guys don't have anything, but I wasn't as lucky with scheduling," Gordon Hayward said. He has three math-related classes and a class in something called game theory. (Don't ask me; I was very liberal arts.) "I'm sure guys would have liked not having to go to class, but the upside, being at home and being around friends, that outweighs the downside."

Somewhere out there, Arne Duncan has a ridiculously huge grin on his face.