Tournament Challenge: Unlikely foursome

Out of the more than 11 million brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, 612 got the entire Final Four correct. Connecticut and Kentucky proved to be the real difference-makers, with just 1.3 percent of brackets picking the Huskies and 3.3 percent taking the Wildcats this far. In fact, just 9,081 brackets had both UConn and Kentucky in the Final Four.

(Worth noting, only 47 brackets got the entire Final Four correct last year.)

Percentage of brackets picking each of the Final Four teams to reach the Final Four (numbers to reach title game/win it all):

  • Florida: 61.9 percent (41.1 percent/27.1 percent)

  • Wisconsin: 20.7 percent (5.7 percent/2 percent)

  • Kentucky: 3.3 percent (2.1 percent/1.1 percent)

  • UConn: 1.3 percent (0.5 percent [49,997 brackets]/0.3 percent [27,203 brackets])

Percentage of brackets picking the actual Final Four matchups

Wisconsin-Kentucky: 66,048 brackets (0.6 percent); Kentucky picked to win in 64.2 percent of those brackets.

Florida-UConn: 66,517 brackets (0.6 percent); Florida picked to win 73.3 percent of those brackets.

Potential national championship game combinations

Florida-Wisconsin: 222,342 brackets (2 percent); Florida picked in 71 percent of those brackets.

Florida-Kentucky: 83,302 brackets (0.8 percent); Kentucky picked in 58.5 percent of those brackets.

UConn-Wisconsin: 3,196 brackets; UConn picked in 52.3 percent of those brackets.

UConn-Kentucky: 1,780 brackets; Kentucky picked in 51.8 percent of those brackets.

Breakdown of brackets with number of correct Final Four teams

4/4: 612 brackets

3/4: 51,045 brackets (0.46 percent)

2/4: 14.7 percent

1/4: 56.3 percent

0/4: 28.5 percent

President Obama's bracket

The president didn't get either game Sunday, losing his national championship pick of Michigan State (the second-most popular pick to win it all -- 14.6 percent of brackets). He got just one of his Final Four teams correct in Florida and can't earn any more points, as he had Michigan State beating Louisville in the final. He currently sits in the 73.8 percentile.