Tournament Challenge: UConn's title

After all was said and done, 0.3 percent (27,203) brackets out of 11 million-plus in the Tournament Challenge correctly picked Connecticut to win the national title, by far the lowest percentage in recent years.

Here's how that number compared to recent champions:

2013: Louisville -- picked to win it all in 21.9 percent of brackets

2012: Kentucky -- 35.1 percent

2011: Connecticut -- 4.7 percent

2010: Duke -- 6.4 percent

President Obama's bracket

The president finished in the 72.9 percentile, with a 39-24 record, getting one Final Four team right (Florida). Last year, he went 38-25, finishing in the 74.4 percentile (getting one Final Four team right in Louisville, but having the Cardinals losing in the title game to Indiana).

If you went with an all-chalk bracket, picking just favorites, you would've finished with a 39-24 record, placing in the 77.6 percentile. Despite the Obama and chalk brackets having the same overall record, the chalk bracket scored more points based on this game's system (it had one more Sweet 16 team but one fewer winner than the president in the Round of 64).