Obama lauds UConn women at White House

They went 39-0 in 2008-09. Then they went 39-0 in 2009-10. Two years ago, the UConn women's basketball team won each of their 39 games by at least 10 points. Last year, Geno Auriemma's team finished the season with an average margin of victory of -- get this -- 35 points. (Then again, the Huskies were totally exposed against ranked teams, winning by a mere, oh, 24 points per game.)

The point is: UConn women's basketball team didn't just win its past 78 games, which happens to be the longest winning streak in the history of women's college basketball. Oh no. That would be too easy. The Huskies crushed their opponents in a thoroughly peerless manner, and the result is some of the most eye-popping statistics this basketball fan has ever seen.

It's hard to laud the Connecticut women appropriately -- it's like giving "Revolver" a positive review on Amazon. What's the point? But President Obama gave it a shot on Monday, and he did a pretty decent job, I guess:

"I want to point out this team has not lost a game since I was elected president," he said. "I was telling them Michelle and I work out in the morning -- see, we got a little gym here in the White House -- and we just watch 'SportsCenter,'" Obama told his East Room audience. "I know you'll be surprised that we don't watch the news shows. But this is really true. You know, during the entire season, I just kept on repeating, and I truly believe, this was the best team in all of sports, any sport, any gender, by far."

He's right. It doesn't get much better than what the UConn women did these past two years. In the modern college hoops game, we've had to rework what it means for a men's hoops to be dominant -- gone are the days of John Wooden-era UCLA, when one program could effectively lay the rest of the country low. The game is too widespread, too divergent, too talented. But not for UConn. What it's doing is downright biblical. It's not supposed to happen anymore. But it did, and does. Remarkable.