Rick Stansbury doesn't want to talk about it

Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury would rather not talk about the nationally televised Renardo Sidney-Elgin Bailey fight in Hawaii anymore. Same goes for the resulting two-game suspension for Sidney and Bailey's subsequent transfer.

Stansbury made it clear Wednesday in a news conference that he prefers discussing Dee Bost's return in the SEC opener this week and what he called a new team and a new season. Asked about the Hawaiian trip, he mentioned the great weather and celebrating his birthday.

"We enjoyed Hawaii," Stansbury mused. "You ain’t going to write all that crap, I know."

No, we're not.

Stansbury should have had more to explain after the school was embarrassed and for compounding the situation by issuing a statement saying that sending the players home sent "a strong message" that their behavior would not be tolerated.

"You don't like for any time to have an incident like we had," Stansbury said Wednesday. "That's difficult enough in itself, and that's basically all I'm going to say about that situation. That's enough you guys have seen it and wrote about it and heard about it more than we all need or want to talk about it."

Stansbury didn't want to discuss the perceptions created (and written about) by the apparent unequal punishments doled out to Sidney and Bailey.

"You know I’m not going to talk no more about all that," he said. "You know that. Enough’s been said about it, and we'll move on past all that. Now, I don't worry about things I can’t control, so hey."

Stansbury did address what he hoped Sidney would learn from the incident going forward.

"You hope any time someone experiences what he's been through, it makes him a better person first," Stansbury said. "A better person first. That's the No. 1 thing. After that, you hope it translates into becoming a better basketball player."