Carrier Classic jerseys go camo

The San Diego Padres are the gold standard in the camouflage-jersey genre. In fact, they may be the only standard. But they'll get some local competition from Michigan State and North Carolina in November, as both teams don camouflage versions of their usual uniforms at the much-ballyhooed Carrier Classic event.

Both versions of the uniforms made their way to the Internet today, but the MSU jerseys came in slightly sneaky fashion. According to the Detroit Free Press, the MSU jerseys were spotted during KTVI St. Louis' report on the company that sewed World Series patches on the Cardinals' jerseys. This image showed a glimpse of camo-colored Michigan State uniforms sitting alongside the Cardinals uniforms. With the cat out of the bag -- though it's not like this was a state secret -- Michigan State coach Tom Izzo confirmed the camo style to the Free Press Wednesday.

North Carolina soon revealed its version (which, yes, still feature that new silk-screen design on the back). You can see it here.

Maybe the uniforms don't get you all that excited; that's OK. Still, taken as a whole with the event itself -- President Obama will attend, armed forces personnel will be in the majority of the seats and, oh yeah, the game is being played on an aircraft carrier -- well, is there any way this thing gets any cooler? It's going to be a spectacle, but one with a decidedly noble purpose. Camo jerseys are just the icing on that delicious cake.