279,308 picked the overall winner

In total, 279,308 brackets, or 4.7% of the more than 5.9 million Tournament Challenge brackets correctly picked Connecticut to win the national championship. The Huskies were the fifth-most popular pick to win it all at the start of the tournament, the top pick after the No. 1 seeds.

This bracket finished with the most points in this year's Tournament Challenge game.

President Barack Obama's bracket:

He officially finished in the 87.4 percentile, ranked 746,806th overall.

Notable Brackets, final standings:

President Obama: 650 points, 87.4 percentile

Mike Golic: 580 points, 75.5 percentile

Colin Cowherd: 560 points, 68.1 percentile

Snoop Dogg: 500 points, 42.8 percentile

Michael Wilbon: 480 points, 33.6 percentile

Mike Greenberg: 450 points, 21.3 percentile

Dick Vitale: 450 points, 21.3 percentile

Bill Simmons: 430 points, 14.6 percentile

Tony Kornheiser: 420 points, 11.9 percentile

Matthew Berry: 420 points, 11.9 percentile

Michelle Beadle: 350 points, 2.6 percentile

Henry Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck's 5-year-old son): He finished with 770 points, in the 93.4 percentile.