'Baby Jordan' breaks his silence

You remember Harold Miner, right?

Given the nickname "Baby Jordan," USC's all-time leading scorer left school early and went on to have an NBA career that was anything but Jordan-esque. The left-hander twice won the dunk contest, but played only 200 NBA games before calling it quits and seemingly becoming a recluse that didn't grant interviews.

In 2007, the Los Angeles Times, couldn't get him to return phone calls and got this quote out of former USC coach George Raveling:

"You don't see much of him, and I often wonder if it's because he feels like he was a failure because he didn't make it in the league when everybody thought he was going to be a star," says Raveling, now a Nike representative. "I always felt the worst thing to happen to Harold was the 'Baby Jordan' tag."

But Miner broke his silence today in an interview with LostLettermen.com, confirming that he's doing just fine buying and selling real estate in the Las Vegas area and living with his wife and two children.

Miner says the biggest misconception about him is that he’s a recluse, but such speculation about his whereabouts has become common since he last appeared in the NBA in 1996 because he hasn’t been interviewed in over a decade.

He has rejected countless requests to speak with the fan favorite who earned the nickname "Baby Jordan" by winning two NBA Slam Dunk contests and dazzling crowds with his highlight-reel dunks. Even now, he only calls from a blocked phone number in an interview arranged through a former USC sports information director.

"I'm really kind of dumbfounded as to why people would be interested in reading a story about me," Miner said. "I haven’t played in almost 15 years and I haven't done anything significant on a national scale since my junior year at SC almost 20 years ago. It's a trip, actually."

Ah, but wait. That Los Angeles Times mentioned years ago that USC would love to honor his accomplishments by letting the crowd cheer him at center court at the Galen Center.

Miner also told LostLettermen.com that he's recently begun reaching out to old friends again and is considering going to see a USC game this season.

Could a reunion between Miner and USC actually happen?