Three more courts for NU to consider

Last week, Northwestern announced its plans to redesign the Welsh-Ryan Arena floor. The Wildcats are looking for an update, something that catches the eye. After all, that can be the only reason why the all-purple floor -- either the most awesome or most ridiculous of the school's four proposed designs -- was included in the quasi-voting feedback space on the Northwestern athletics Facebook page.

By the way, how's that feedback going? As of this writing, the school has received 330 comments on its page, which is probably a representative sample of the Wildcats's fan base. Judging by the first 50 or so comments on the page, the all-purple court is actually somewhat popular. Seriously.

But wait, there's more! On Monday, the Chicago Tribune got in on the fun, submitting three images it believes the school should consider when deciding on a new floor. You can see the images here. One is the Women's Lacrosse Court, a cheeky nod to what the Tribune calls the "school's greatest champion." (Burn.) The other is the NCAA Brackets Court, which looks like you'd imagine and is designed to "help everybody keep their eyes on the prize." And the third is -- wait for it -- Stephen Colbert Court, in honor of the "university's greatest living alum."

I'm totally on board with Stephen Colbert Court. (And yes, as Trib reporter Teddy Greenstein tweeted today, "court" should be pronounced "core." It's only right.)

In reality, Northwestern might have caught a break. Colbert is the king of finding hilarious ways to put his name and likeness in awkward places, like the recursive portrait that now resides in the Smithsonian. Had he learned of this opportunity earlier, he might have sent his legion of fans to NU's Facebook page to wreak all sorts of havoc on his behalf.

Turns out, there's not much time left. Earlier today, Northwestern announced via Twitter that with "99 percent of precincts reporting," the school was ready to announce its new court design Wednesday. Has Colbert Court's window closed? Will the famed purple floor emerge victorious? The suspense -- and by "suspense," I mean "mild intrigue borne of intense offseason boredom" -- rolls on.