Alexander's code: Look good, play good

BATON ROUGE, La. -- When it comes to his game-day attire, Kwon Alexander lives by a simple code.

“I feel like if I dress good, I’ll feel good and I’ll play good,” Alexander said. “That’s my motto.”

The day before he won LSU’s defensive MVP honors by posting a team-high eight tackles and two tackles for a loss in a comeback win over Wisconsin, Alexander made a splash on social media last week when he tweeted pictures of his travel wardrobe. The highlight was a pair of Steve Madden leopard print shoes, along with a pair of navy slacks and a sport coat in ... what was that color anyway, salmon?

“It was like kind of peach a little bit,” Alexander chuckled. “You’ve got to bring it out. You’ve got to try something new that nobody’s done before."

That he did, at least among his LSU teammates. And that he will continue to do throughout the fall.

“I’m trying to come up with something new for every week,” Alexander said. “So be watching out for this week, too.”

In fact, the junior linebacker had his next ensemble packed and ready to go almost as soon as the Tigers returned home from Houston last weekend.

“I already got it packed up,” he said. “I always pack my bags on Sundays.”

LSU fans will be able to catch a glimpse of Alexander’s next foray into the fashion world prior to Saturday’s game against Sam Houston State. During the Tiger Walk, approximately two hours before kickoff, the players file down “Victory Hill” into Tiger Stadium wearing dress clothes before changing into their pads and uniforms in the locker room.

Alexander said this week’s outfit will be every bit as good as leopard shoes and a peach blazer.

“I’ve already got it planned out for a couple games,” Alexander said. “I got some nice suits for the bigger games, but for this game, it’s the first home game, so I had to come up with a little something something.”

Not that he was willing to offer any clues about what to expect next.

“You’ve just got to see it,” he said.