Stats that matter: Texas vs. OSU

Ready for some numbers? It's time for our weekly stat digs, in which we team with ESPN Stats & Information to find the numbers that matter most for the Texas Longhorns and their next opponent. Here are the stats to remember going into Texas' road trip to take on Oklahoma State:

1. 109

Here's an interesting testamant to how stingy Texas' defense has been in 2014.

The Longhorns have held opponents scoreless on a total of 109 drives this season. They rank No. 4 nationally in that category behind Louisville, Utah State and Ole Miss. Included in that 109 are 71 drives in which Texas' defense got off the field in two minutes or less, and 53 in which no first downs were allowed.

Texas' defense is giving up points on 22 percent of possessions, or about two out of every nine drives. Its ability to keep teams out of the end zone and off the scoreboard has gone a long way toward making up for all of this team's flaws, injuries and inexperience.

2. One

A problem Oklahoma State has faced during its three-game losing streak: Opponents are taking away the deep ball.

Daxx Garman threw as many as any Big 12 quarterback when he took over the job, and his 25 completions of 20-plus in his first five games ranked No. 2 in the conference. He's completed just one in each of OSU's three consecutive losses. Over the past month, Garman has the conference's worst passer efficiency among Big 12 starters.

The Longhorns, meanwhile, have given up the third-fewest completions of 20-plus in the Big 12. They've not too vulnerable to those long bombs and would probably welcome Garman throwing deep as much as possible.

3. 20

Ten game in, Texas has still scored just 20 points in the third quarter this season. Twenty. That's crazy. (Somehow, one FBS school has actually been worse: Vanderbilt has scored 13 through 10 games.)

In Big 12 play, Texas has scored a total of six points in the third quarter. Just to put that in perspective, TCU has scored 93 third-quarter points in Big 12 games and the conference average (excluding UT) is 48.

Why the Horns continue to have so much trouble in that quarter is hard to understand, but they've been shut out in the third in four of their five losses. Shawn Watson and Joe Wickline are going to need a lot better post-halftime plan for this must-win week.

Three more to remember

Nine: The number of offensive linemen who have started at least one game for Texas this season. Wickline has been earning that paycheck of his. The current lineup will be making its fifth start together if Kent Perkins is good to go.

8.6 percent: In Big 12 play this season, Oklahoma State's line is giving up sacks on 8.6 percent of their snaps. That's the worst rate in the conference. Garman has taken 24 sacks, eighth-most among all Power 5 conference quarterbacks.

714: Tyreek Hill's return yardage this season. He has two kickoff return TDs and four punt returns of 20-plus yards. He changes field position in an instant. Texas would be wise to kick away from him.