A look at some quirky all-time lists involving USC names

LOS ANGELES -- The off-season in college football allows for too much time to ponder over all-time lists, which can be trivial, debatable, and, for the most part, inconsequential.

For the football history of the University of Southern California Trojans, all-time lists can be both historical and tongue-in-cheek. Here then is a list of categories that capture the flavor of the cardinal and gold as it relates to players, coaches, and teams.

The All-Troy Team

SS Troy Polamalu

P Troy Richardson

FS Troy West

QB Troy Winslow

The All-Anatomy Team

DL Armond Armstead

QB John David Booty

CB Tracy Butts

C Chris Foote

WR Speedy Hart

PK Eric Hipp

OG Brad Leggett

The All-Crayon Team

TE John Allred

RB/WR Willie Brown

CB Joey Browner

QB Tim Green

TB Silas Redd

TB Charles White

The All-Military Team

S Mike Battle

C Frank Bunker

DE Jimmy Gunn

LG Hugh Sargent

CB Ernest Spears

QB Cotton Warburton

The All-Hair Team

LB Kurt Barber

OG Greg Beard

OL Butch Lewis

QB Gus Shaver

LG Harry Smith

The All-Animal Team

RB Sunny Byrd

DL Al Cowlings

HB Lindon Crow

QB John Fox

OL Mike Lamb

WR Lynn Swann

The All-Presidents Team

QB Gordon Adams

WR William Buchanon

TB Reggie Bush

TB Allen Carter

TE Lonnie Ford

CB Irwin Lincoln

FB Kennedy Polamalu

RB Chauncey Washington

The All-Farming Team

LB John Berry

HB Bob Chestnut

FB David Farmer

LB Scott Fields

OL Jason Grain

DE Bill Hayhoe

The All-Marriage Team

Coach Skip Husband

LE Lindsy Hubby

Long-Snapper Peter McBride

The All-Religious Team

HB Al Cantor

RB Ron Heller

DL Noah Jefferson

OLB Charlie Moses

OG Alex Parsons

C Vern Sampson

RB Rodney Sermons

DL Cody Temple

The All-City Team

DB Cleveland Colter

OL Rome Douglas

PJ Joe Houston

QB Carson Palmer

LB Dallas Sartz

CB Elbert Watts

The All-Calendar Team

Assistant Coach Bobby April

OLB August Curley

DE Ray May

Assistant Coach Mike Summers

The All-Forecast Team

C Jeff Flood

LT Mike Gale

OLB Frostee Rucker

LB Jim Snow

QB Steve Sogge

The All-Initials Team

RB C.J. Gable

WR J.K McKay

RB C.R. Roberts

TB O.J. Simpson

OLB J.R. Tavai

The All-International Team

LB Martin French

FB Bill Holland

QB Sidney Ickes

OLB Israel Ifeanyi

PK Frank Jordan

The All-Hollywood Team

OL Ward "Wagon Train" Bond

RB Ken (Producer) Del Conte

OG Allan "Stunt Man" Graf

LB Mike (Tarzan) Henry

OL Marion (John Wayne) Morrison

DE Tim (Actor) Rossovich

DL Matt "NCIS" Willig

The All-Law Enforcement Team

CB Marshall Jones

OL Winston Justice

LB Jeff Kopp

WR Aaron Minor

The All-Monarchy Team

P Marty King

LB Darryl Knight

WR Earl McCullough

RB Sultan McCullough

The All-Mc Team

TE Anthony McCoy

QB Paul McDonald

S Tim McDonald

OLB Willie McGinest

RE/FB Marlin McKeever

LG Mike McKeever

Coach John McKay

The All-Dental Team

QB Orv Mohler

The All-Marvin Team

Assistant Coach Marv Goux

OL Marvin Powell

OL Marv Marinovich

DB Marvin Pollard

Assistant Coach Marvin Sanders

The All-Field & Stream Team

DB Jeff Fisher

S Mike Salmon

LB Keith Rivers

RG George Timberlake

The All-Sam’s Club Team

LB Sam Anno

OT Sam Baker

FB Sam "Bam" Cunningham

WR Sam Dickerson

SS Sammy Knight

The All-Nickname Team (Players)

RB "Jaguar" Jon Arnett

WR "Prince" Hal Bedsole

FB Sam "Bam" Cunningham

TB Anthony "A.D." Davis

QB Morley "Noblest Trojan of them All" Drury

TB "Iron" Mike Garrett

Coach Elmer "Gloomy Gus" Henderson

LE "Antelope" Al Krueger

TE Charles "The Tree" Young

LB Richard "Batman" Wood

The All-Nickname Team (Teams)

1928 The Thundering Herd

1962 B-Boys

1969 The Wild Bunch (original)

1969 The Cardiac Kids