How Gostisbehere gets back on track

The Flyers are on a nine-game winning streak, but Shayne Gostisbehere has had a frustrating sophomore campaign. What adjustments must he make to get back to the level he reached as a rookie? Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire

The Philadelphia Flyers had just won their ninth consecutive game Sunday, an achievement pointed out to one of the players afterwards.

“In this compressed schedule, too,” he said of the winning streak. It’s certainly more impressive.

There should be some sort of conversion for the Flyers. A nine-game winning streak when it seems like you’re playing every night should carry more weight. This win streak started on Nov. 27 with a win against the Flames, and extended to nine Sunday with a win on the road versus Detroit. That’s nine wins in 15 days. And they’ve done it a variety of ways.