Secret to the Sharks' early-season success

Aaron Poole/NHLI/Getty Images

For a franchise known most for its struggles to win at the most important time of the year in spring, a couple of wins in October won't get people too excited in San Jose.

No one has a great sense of where the Sharks will finish this season, but they have jumped out to a 2-0 record -- and did it against their rivals in Anaheim and Los Angeles. What does it mean exactly?

“That’s hard to say, two games in,” new Sharks coach Peter DeBoer said during a Sunday afternoon conversation.

It means nothing if it doesn’t continue, but for a new coach hoping to come and sell a few things to a new group of players, it certainly beats the alternative.

“That’s the biggest thing for coaches, when you have something you’re trying to sell to the players, that makes everything easier,” DeBoer said. “We have to continue.”

For DeBoer, the wins are important because he saw strides in the biggest area of focus during training camp.