John Scott's All-Star plans, plus notes and weekly mailbag

John Scott has just 11 points in 280 career games, but is currently among the leaders in All-Star voting. Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been a banner season for the Arizona Coyotes organization, one Arizona employee said jokingly. First, Chris Pronger (technically under contract with the Coyotes) got inducted in the Hall of Fame in November. Now, John Scott is leading the All-Star voting.

Yes, the fact that a rarely played enforcer is the leading vote-getter sets up all kinds of punch lines. But the way the Coyotes and Scott are handling the strange development makes the joke a little easier to digest. They’re having fun with the fact that Scott is now No. 1 on the leaderboard, in front of Alex Ovechkin, Jaromir Jagr and Patrick Kane -- three players who are not only All-Stars but likely Hall of Famers.

Scott has made it clear he believes his teammates are more deserving of the honors, but he also made it clear that if elected, he’s in.