Ryan Suter's quietly strong Norris case

Ryan Suter doesn't generally put up the gaudy point totals of some of his blueliner brethren; his excellence is revealed in more subtle ways. Bruce Kluckhohn/Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The best way, Devan Dubnyk explains, to get a true appreciation for Ryan Suter's impact on the ice would be to put an Isocam on him all game and watch only that. Follow the puck too much or look for highlight reel material and the subtle greatness of Suter’s game is missed. And there’s been a lot of that subtle greatness from Suter this season.

“Everything isn’t moving 100 mph for him. He knows things to do to evade guys and get the puck and make a quick pass or hold on to it, and all of a sudden you’re out of the zone,” Dubnyk said during a chat after Minnesota’s morning skate on Tuesday. “It doesn’t look like anything, certainly if you’re watching on TV, it doesn’t look like much. It’s just that calm, go back there, get it to somebody else to break it out of the zone.”