What to believe from NHL's opening weekend

There have been quite a few surprises this NHL season. But seeing improvements from Aaron Ekblad and the rest of the Panthers' defense doesn't qualify as one. AP Photo/Alan Diaz

We promise not to overreact in this space to early success or failure by NHL teams. It takes a good three weeks to get a sense of whether or not a few early wins or losses mean anything bigger about a team.

For instance, the Vancouver Canucks, with their win against the Carolina Hurricanes on Sunday night, are undefeated. We’ll let that play out for a while.

But the Florida Panthers are an interesting team to check in on during early action because they are building off the success of last season. They won their division, completely revamped their defense and have jumped out to a 2-0 start with an NHL-best plus-four goal differential, allowing just two goals. Their opening day lineup had nine new players on it.