Kitna will give check to high school team

IRVING, Texas – Jon Kitna will make 1/17th of $940,000 to be the Dallas Cowboys' backup quarterback Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. And the game check – worth $55,294 before taxes – will go to the Lincoln High School Football Booster Club in Tacoma, Wash., where he is the head coach.

“My wife runs our booster program and spends roughly $25,000 a year feeding these young men and things like that,” said Kitna, who also teaches math. “So one thing we committed to for our booster program was our first $25,000 we raised we were [going] to use it on protein for these young men. We had a company, AdvoCare, who had given us about six months’ worth of protein and we let the young men get a little bit of protein every day after workouts. And it was amazing to see their bodies grow, but when after we ran out their bodies have just shrunk because they don’t have the right supplements to their diet. That’s what we’re planning on doing with that.”

No word on what Kitna would do with any playoff money he might earn if the Cowboys beat the Eagles. Players get a set rate in the playoffs, not their typical weekly salary.