Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag, Part 2

OXNARD, Calif. -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: If they don't, then the Cowboys are in trouble. The offense will have to carry the load, especially early in the year with the defense missing Orlando Scandrick and likely Anthony Spencer. The defense better be able to play situational football well. If the offense can get off to some leads, that will make life easier for the defense because opposing offenses will be limited in what they can do. They have to come up with a handful of stops a game or at least hold teams to field goal if they drive the ball down the field. It could be a struggle for this defense based on the practice evidence. @toddarcher: Not really. Now, I was wrong on Wade Phillips during the 2010 season, so I could be wrong here, too. But if they start off that poorly, the entire coaching staff will be gone after the season. What purpose would it serve to let go of a coach if you know he won't be back in 2015? I guess things change if the games are just not competitive, and that's what did in Phillips. The Cowboy were listless in losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars and Green Bay Packers. They had quit on him. If effort is an issue with Garrett, then maybe something happens. But who gets the interim job? I think Jerry Jones would just ride it out and start over in 2015. @toddarcher: Cole Beasley has had a very good camp. He has given the Cowboys' corners fits and he also did it with the Oakland Raiders for two days of work. He's the No. 3 receiver at the start, but I think you will see the Cowboys find roles for Gavin Escobar, Dwayne Harris and Street. Street has done a nice job and looks promising, but I just don't see enough footballs to go around for him to be a big part of the offense without some sort of injury to the guys ahead of him. That's not to downgrade what he has done, because he has looked good. He just might have to wait for an expanded role in 2015. @toddarcher: In my view, the safeties are set with Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox. Hamilton has been playing behind Church in camp and has done a nice job. He missed time with a concussion suffered on Aug. 3 and did not play in the preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers. He should have a roster spot as a backup and core special-teams player. He said he feels much more comfortable in this camp than he did a year ago as a rookie and that has allowed him to play faster. @toddarcher: I'm going to assume you're asking about the regular season and if the Cowboys only keep two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. If that's the case, then my guess it would be Dwayne Harris. He can take some emergency snaps and went to East Carolina as a quarterback before moving to receiver. If they lost Tony Romo and Brandon Weeden, they would be toast ... but they would run the ball more.