NFL Nation's Kuharsky sizes up Edwards

IRVING, Texas – Defensive end Lavar Edwards will practice for the first time with the Dallas Cowboys on Monday after he was acquired Saturday from the Tennessee Titans for a conditional seventh-round pick in 2015.

Jason Garrett will explain how Edwards will fit in the Cowboys' scheme, but NFL Nation Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky was brought in to offer something of a scouting report.

Archer: The Cowboys need defensive line help, especially pass rushers. Can Edwards fill that kind of role?

Kuharsky: I think he's a decent prospect who might develop into something. The Titans aren't very deep, but they are deep on the defensive line. And with the shift to a 3-4 he's not a system fit in Nashville.

Archer: He was a fifth-round pick last year. Is this a case of the Titans trading a player they would've cut and was he a disappointment?

Kuharsky: Bad job turning a fifth into a seventh. Good job turning a guy they were going to cut into a seventh. He didn't shine or get in front of anyone on the depth chart, but it was a pretty good crowd ahead of him. The edge rushers they need now are outside linebackers, not ends.

Archer: The Cowboys see the Titans early in the season, could they get something from Edwards on the defensive scheme?

Kuharsky: I always tend to think that stuff is overrated. He should have a generally understanding of the scheme. But I'd think Cowboys coaches are better equipped to dissect what DC Ray Horton is doing and will do than Edwards will be.