Jason Witten's tackles made a difference

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Jason Witten had two tackles in Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

That was the same amount of tackles as defensive regulars Orlando Scandrick, Henry Melton and George Selvie on the official stat sheet. That was one more than starters Tyrone Crawford and Jeremy Mincey.

Witten was a standout linebacker in high school, but it's not a good thing for him to have that many tackles.

"He just makes plays," owner and general manager Jerry Jones said.

Witten's first tackle came at the end of the first half after a 35-yard field goal attempt by Dan Bailey was blocked. Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson picked up the loose ball and was sprinting toward the Dallas Cowboys' end zone with no time left in the second quarter. Dan Bailey was able to slow Peterson just a touch and Witten was able to finish the play.

"I really didn't know it was blocked at the time," Witten said. "I'm on the opposite side where the rush came from. I saw him taking that return. There wasn't any time left, so the mindset was just run as fast as you can and try to make the tackle ... Obviously we didn't want them to get points."

His second tackle came after Tyrann Matthieu intercepted a Brandon Weeden pass to Witten at the Cardinals' 10. Matthieu had a 9-yard return before Witten got him.

"He did a good job undercutting the route, guessed on the route and got it," Witten said. "Just trying to make a tackle."

In Witten's day job as a tight end, he had a season-high six catches for 62 yards.