Cowboys feel excitement at early Thanksgiving meal

DALLAS -- As several Dallas Cowboys handed out an early Thanksgiving meal at the Salvation Army Carr P. Collins Social Service Center in Dallas on Monday, they couldn’t help but feel the excitement from the men and women in attendance about their 7-3 record.

"All I heard was Super Bowl around here," defensive end George Selvie said. "It sounds good having everybody in high spirits and excited about the Cowboys."

Monday was Jason Witten's 12th year in delivering the meals. While appreciative of the food, some were not afraid to throw around opinions when the Cowboys weren’t doing so well in the past.

"I’ve been here a few years where it’s been boos at times," Witten said. "It’s good to see the cheers."

Eight players took part in the Dallas event, including the wives and girlfriends of players. Jerry Jones’ wife, Gene, Charlotte Jones Anderson, an executive vice president, and Karen Jones, the wife of executive vice president Stephen Jones, were on hand as well.

"You can never be thankful enough, especially when you come here and see the circumstances and truly realize how blessed you are," running back DeMarco Murray said. "Never take a day for granted. You can never complain about anything."

For the second straight year Witten brought his sons, C.J. and Cooper, to help.

"I think as parents you have an opportunity to talk to your kids about giving back, but very few times you have a chance to really bring them along with you and let them actually do it," Witten said. "It’s good for them to see it. It’s good for them to understand what’s out there, and I think it’s a great opportunity to teach them. I’ve always said I hope I play long enough so my kids can experience some things, and this is one of those things you want them to experience."