Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag, Part 2

IRVING, Texas – Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

  • Pass-rush debate

  • A Greg Hardy suspension

  • Drafting a corner

  • Anthony Spencer

  • Done shopping?

If you want to see Part 1, click here.

Away we go:

@toddarcher: Absolutely. One of the things I think we'll find out this year with the Cowboys is the answer to the question. "Is it the line or is it the running back?" with DeMarco Murray gone. I already know the answer to the question, "Does a pass rush make a secondary or a secondary make a pass rush?" It's without a doubt the former. With the way the rules are, you can't expect defensive backs to cover forever, no matter who they are. Deion Sanders would give up catches without a pass rush. If the quarterback has to move a tick sooner or is wondering more about the pass rush, then there's a better chance for the secondary to succeed. You can play a little bit differently. If you know the pass rush will struggle, it's already a losing deal for a cornerback.

@toddarcher: I know it sounds strange, but I believe the answer to the question is "yes," because there is precedent. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was suspended six games in 2010 for violating the personal-conduct policy even though he was not charged in a sexual assault case. While I think it's a tricky road, I think something will happen. Is it six games? Is it four games? Is it a massive fine? We'll find out soon enough. but I would not expect Hardy to play 16 regular-season games for the Cowboys.

@toddarcher: I believe cornerback was already at or near the top of the list entering the draft before they signed Hardy. The Brandon Carr situation will not be resolved until after the draft, but by taking a corner early, they can cover themselves if he does not accept a pay cut. Morris Claiborne is no sure thing this year and in the final year of his contract. And with the 27th pick in the draft, they could be in a good spot to land a corner while they might be out of the range for some of the top-end pass rushers. Running back will also be a possibility, but you make a good point about the depth at the position this year. They could get a runner in the top three rounds and still be OK there.

@toddarcher: At this point, I would doubt Anthony Spencer returns. I thought there was a chance when free agency started, but I wonder if the addition of Hardy takes that off the table. Their top four defensive ends right now are Hardy, Jeremy Mincey, DeMarcus Lawrence and Jack Crawford. I still think the Cowboys look at defensive line help early in the draft because only Lawrence is under contract in 2016.

@toddarcher: I don't think they are done, but I don't see them with any big-time signings going forward. They still have some needs: backup offensive line, backup safety and backup cornerback are among the top ones. They have enough cap room to do the smaller deals at the moment. Now, do I think those deals will come down in the next couple of weeks? Maybe, but I don't think they will be in a rush to do anything. They'll be in Arizona next week for the owners meetings so I think it'll be quiet next week.