Cowboys draft breakdown: CB Marcus Peters

With the draft coming up at the end of the month, we will offer up a breakdown of players at positions of need for the Dallas Cowboys.

Washington cornerback Marcus Peters

Height: 5-11¾ Weight: 197

ESPN Insider rank: No. 2 cornerback, No. 21 overall

Games viewed: Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona State

Scouting report: I wanted to be blown away by Peters given the accolades that have been doled out. Frankly, I wasn’t.

He can make plays on the ball, but he looked disinterested a lot of the time. When he played at the line of scrimmage in press coverage, he was engaged. When he was square to the receiver and really wanted to jam him, the receiver had little chance to get off the line. Against Oregon, he did a nice job of not biting on double moves and attacking the rocket and bubble screens. He missed too many tackles. He has a good feel for coming off the edge in a blitz and timing it so he can make a play on the running back.

Against Colorado he anticipated it so well the quarterback had to spin away from the runner and keep the ball, blowing up the play.

You could tell he took it personal when he was lining up against Arizona State’s Jaelen Strong. There was a lot of back and forth among them in the game. Peters didn’t back down but he also got beat for a touchdown on a throw to the post. He did a nice job later crashing hard on a slant to Strong for a break up.

Biggest concerns: He was kicked off the team by Washington’s coaches, so there has to be some major investigating into that. Athletically it is clear he is gifted. He has all the tools you want in a cornerback, but he did not look like a willing tackler and he seemed to get bored and forget technique way too much. Those are two things a cornerback in the Cowboys’ system -- or any system -- can’t do. He might turn out to be a great player, but there are red flags.

What ESPN Insider says of his ball skills:Insider Natural playmaking instincts. Locates the ball and tracks it well. Flashes the ability to turn and play the ball in trail position. Plays strong in contested situations, and does a nice job of jostling to maintain positioning. Good hand-eye coordination. Times his leaps well, and shows good body control to high-point throws. Flashes ability to create with the ball in his hands, but not a difference-maker.

Cowboys fit: There is no doubt there is talent there. It just might take a lot of patience from secondary coach Jerome Henderson. Peters would play press coverage and bail with his back to the sideline giving up some throws that would be far too easy at this level. While the talent levels are far different, Henderson’s patience for Terrance Mitchell ran out at the end of training camp when he could not get the seventh round pick to play with good technique. Mitchell made plays in camp but he got beat a lot too. Peters is more talented and could be a mid to late first round pick but some of those issues could be troubling.