NFC East roundtable: Best team

With the NFL draft coming up at the end of the month, free agency has started to slow, so now is a good time to assess what the NFC East has done in free agency.

This week, NFL Nation reporters Dan Graziano, John Keim, Phil Sheridan and Todd Archer are taking a look at the best, worst and underrated signings so far and will discuss which team is in the division entering the draft, based on offseason moves that have been made.

Today we close out the NFC East roundtable with looking at who is the best team in the division entering the draft after examining the best, worst and underrated signings.

Dan Graziano: Dallas Cowboys. The Philadelphia Eagles made the most moves, but I don't think there's any way to know at this point whether the team is better or worse than it was two months ago. The Cowboys had the best top-to-bottom roster in the division last season, and in spite of losing DeMarco Murray to a division rival, I think that's still the case. Will they win it again? Tough to predict such a thing for a division that hasn't seen a repeat champ in over a decade. But with five months to go before the season starts, I think you still have to say Dallas has the NFC East's best roster.

Phil Sheridan: Cowboys. To me, it feels like the Eagles changed the most and the New York Giants changed the least. Dallas obviously lost the NFL's leading rusher in Murray, but should be able to run the ball behind that offensive line. The Washington Redskins rather quietly rebuilt its defense, but seems unsettled at quarterback. Until I see Sam Bradford run coach Chip Kelly's offense, I'd have to go with Dallas at the top of the list with the Giants potentially closing in.

John Keim: Still Dallas. The Eagles have so many question marks, such as how pieces will fit and whether certain players will even be healthy. They're a grand experiment and will be the most intriguing team. Washington has improved, but the Redskins had a long way to go. The Giants have been relatively quiet. The Cowboys re-signed key parts and added inside linebacker depth that they always seem to need. Of course, they made the most controversial move in signing end Greg Hardy. There's no doubt he'll provide pressure -- and the Cowboys have some underrated talent up front to help him. The on-field question is how much time he will miss because of a suspension. But when on the field, his talent will take over.

Todd Archer: Cowboys. I believe Murray will be a big loss for the Cowboys, but I don't think it will cripple their success. I don't know how many games Hardy will play. I don't know how many games Rolando McClain will play. I don't know how happy Dez Bryant will be with the franchise tag. The Eagles made a lot of moves, but I don't believe in their quarterback at all. The Giants could bounce back. I still think the Redskins are the fourth best team in the division. The Cowboys were able to cover their needs in free agency without spending much of any guaranteed money. They have the best quarterback, offensive line, wide receiver and tight end in the division. They have added a pass-rusher, kept a playmaker and will welcome back Sean Lee. Entering the draft, the Cowboys are still the team to beat.