NFC East Q&A: How will Greg Hardy's suspension affect division?

Today’s question: What kind of impact will the suspension of Greg Hardy have on the rest of the division? If he still misses 10 games, then he would face only the Redskins during the regular season.

Dan Graziano, New York Giants: The last time the Giants saw Hardy, he was leading a Carolina defense that sacked Eli Manning six times in the first 17 minutes of a Week 13 game in Charlotte in 2013. It’s entirely possible that Manning still has nightmares about Hardy. So from the Giants’ standpoint, the near-certainty that Hardy won’t play in the season opener and the chance that he’ll still be suspended for their Week 7 home game against Dallas are welcome bits of news. The Giants will be without starting left tackle Will Beatty until at least November after Beatty had surgery in late May to repair a torn pectoral muscle. They will struggle against elite pass-rushers, and any game in which the opponent’s best pass-rusher is on the sideline will count as a break for the Giants.

Phil Sheridan, Philadelphia Eagles: It’s hard to say, because it’s not as though we’ve had Hardy wreaking havoc on the rest of the NFC East up until now. He looked like one of the more significant additions made by any of the NFC East teams in free agency. Now? He probably won’t have nearly the impact.

But the fact is, the Cowboys found ways to pressure Eagles quarterbacks without Hardy. It was the Cowboys who knocked Nick Foles out of a 2013 game with a concussion. And the Cowboys sacked Mark Sanchez four times for 33 yards in lost yardage in December. Sanchez also threw two interceptions in that game.

So yes, adding Hardy would have made it tougher on the Eagles’ offensive line. But I don’t think his absence will be that big of a deal. He didn't play last year when the Cowboys beat the Eagles in the most significant game of the Eagles’ season.

John Keim, Washington Redskins: If Hardy sits out 10 games, then he will have missed 25 consecutive games since the start of the 2014 season. It’s really hard to believe that he could return at an elite level. Also, as of now the Redskins are a solid fourth in the division, so it could be that Hardy’s return does not have a big, immediate impact on the division. Obviously the Cowboys would be adding a good player, someone they can move around quite a bit, as Carolina did. But how well will he know the scheme? How well will he know his teammates (on the field at least)?